The Pleasantville Community Garden at St. John's is an organization dedicated to battling hunger in Westchester. Click below to learn more about our project. Here you can find our history, mission, Board and more!



The Pleasantville Community Garden has multiple growing programs as well as multiple sites that we are donating to. Our connection with the Pleasantville Farmers Market has been instrumental this year. Click below to find out more.



We need help throughout the year on different tasks for the project. There is something for everyone - options to weed, harvest, deliver the food, help us manage the organization and much more. Click below for various ways you can help.

What's Growing?

This is the total amount of fresh vegetables we have donated to the Hillside Food Outreach, A-Home and other organizations with food grown in our garden, food donated from individual's gardens, and vegetables donated from the Pleasantville Farmers Market. Thank you to all of our volunteers for such great work this year!  We've donated more this year than ever before. 


Total Poundage of Fresh Produce Donated in 2020 (as of 10/10/20): 9,881 Pounds


Total Poundage Donated Since 2014 Start: 88,356 Pounds (more than 44 tons!)


Check out the great video made by our youth volunteer Colin Liebertz - for his 5th grade Capstone project at the Roosevelt School in Ossining. Colin worked with the Pleasantville Community Garden this spring - helping to plant and helped us collect food at the Pleasantville Farmers Market. The video shows his commitment to helping our neighbors get the healthy food needed for their families! Colin is also in a dual language program and made the video in both english and spanish.
Colin's passion for this issue is clear and we appreciate his hard work and this video! What a great young man!

Last year was very successful for the Pleasantville Community Garden. We had a lot of support from the community, the Pleasantville Farmers Market, the Eastern FC Foundation and many more. Our total donation of fresh produce for 2019 was over 17,000 pounds. Thank you to everyone who helped!


There are many opportunities for volunteering for the Pleasantville Community Garden. People of all ages are able to take part.


As a volunteer you can help weeding, watering, harvesting, driving to food pantries all in a time frame that fits to your schedule.


Please click below if you would like to help and volunteer. 

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