Local Garden Project


The Local Garden Project is a new organization being founded by Pleasantville Community Garden Co-Founder Devin Juros. This project is being developed as a result of Devin's work with the PCG - and it stems from the success of the garden. The goal of LGP is to create more gardens, both community and individual, throughout Westchester County. This will be accomplished through the exchange of information and experience. A detailed on-line manual is under development by Devin which will help people understand his experiences with the Pleasantville Community Garden creation and take the mystery out of the process for others to do the same. Other helpful tools will be pulled together, including lists of local food pantries and growing tips to help people succeed in creating their own garden. Please help support this project as it starts to get off the ground.


Check out the new website being developed for the project: http://devinlgp.wix.com/localgardenproject 


You can also contact Devin Juros with any questions or comments at: Devin_LGP@yahoo.com

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