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Pleasantville Community Garden 

How To Guide

Devin Juros - the founder of the Pleasantville Community Garden - had set a goal for the organization to create a How To Guide for other organizations.  As Devin, his family and the community worked to create the Garden and the organization to support the goal of donating as much fresh fruit & vegetables to local food sharing organizations as possible, learnings and best practices were developed.  

We have created this Guide to help interested individuals, groups and organizations be able to learn from the work we've done and make it an easier process to launch their own similar project.  

We hope that this Guide will help to influence many new garden projects to be started and developed - - to help people in need across the US.  

Please click the button below to check out our Guide website ( and to download a pdf of the Guide. 

Thank you!  

From the Board of Directors of the Pleasantville Community Garden

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